Shannon Dybvig, 2021
Shannon Dybvig, 2021

This Site

This site is written in PHP, MySQL, HTML, and CSS. I modified simple.css by Kev Quirk for the CSS and did the rest myself. All of the art and comics on this website are created by me and may not be used for any purpose without explicit written permission.


What is a Mroo? I am the only Mroo I know of. I am a heap of aliens in a human body and I live on planet Earth. I am joyful and curious: I love learning and am constantly seeking more information to incorporate into my understanding of the shape of things.

I like to write science fiction and weird fiction, create visual art (especially of surreal, fantastical, or abstract varieties), play/sing/write music, dance. I enjoy a lot of contemporary science fiction and probably watch a little too much YouTube. Socially, my favorite thing is to get deep into conversation about ideas and systems.

You might also know me by my human name, Shannon Dybvig. For work, I build the future.